Past projects

past-projectsLecture and Excursion: Gender and diversity Sensitive Social Work in Cairo and Frankfurt a.M. Faculty of Social Work, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. (2014/15)

Students of International Social Work  got insights into gender- and diversity sensitive social work in Cairo and Frankfurt through practical exercises, lectures, discussions, best practices and an excursion to Cairo.

Lecture and training for students: “To develop and design projects for the International Day of the Female Child”. Faculty of Social Work, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (2014).

Over a period of one year students of social work learned to develop concepts and to implement and evaluate projects with the target to educate girls and the public on the international day of the female child. Through a best practice focus they got insights into different forms  girls empowerment work.


Training for youth-workers from Austria, Poland, Rumania, Turkey and Germany

Empowerment in the work with girls (Bielefeld, Germany 2014) coordinated by Eigensinn e.V.

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Exchange for students from Marburg und Cairo: Cross-Cultural and Gender Competencies-women and girls empowerment work in Cairo and Hessen, Center for Near and Middle East Studies, Center for Gender Studies and Faculty of Educational Sciences , Phillips Universität Marburg (2013/14)

The project addressed female students from Cairo and Marburg, who wished to increase their skills for the professional field of Arab-German, cross-cultural and transnational work related to gender. The goal was to increase their cross-cultural and gender competence by getting to know the field of: women and girl`s empowerment work in post-revolutionary Cairo and in Hessen through academic, theoretical reflection and discussion, through ethnographic field-visits, best practices and through personal encounters with students and people from the respective country. A strong focus was on field work in an „oriental“ society as a „European woman“.

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past-projects2Exchange for professionals: How to be a Girl in Cairo and Frankfurt a.M., Saz-Rock e.V., Jugendbildungswerk Frankfurt a.M. (2013/14)

The exchange program aimed at the qualitative enrichment of girls work in Cairo and Frankfurt a.M. This was achieved through a cross-cultural exchange and best practice program for female professionals working in both cities towards the empowerment of girls, the female child or young women. The development and qualitative enrichment of girls work in Cairo and Frankfurt a. M. was enforced through direct confrontation of girls ́ workers with forms of girls ́ empowerment and the living conditions of girls and girls ́ workers in a totally different country and city. Instead of providing theoretical knowledge through classical ways as lectures, education material and conferences the program aimed at provoking learning processes through traveling into the other city visiting organizations and talking to beneficiaries.



Lecture for students. Empowerment Work with women and girls, Phillips-Universität Marburg (2013).

Students of Phillips-Universität Marburg got to know the field of women and girls empowerment work in Germany, its history, current situation, concepts and interrelated theories. A focus was on best practices in order to provide practical insights into the diversity of women and girls empowerment work.

international conference about girls empowerment with women from Turkey, Romania, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Poland and Germany (Münster, Germany 2012)


international training: who to overcome discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual persons (LGBTI) (Germany 2009)


international training: sexual education with girls and young women: girls and their body-feelings: From assimilation to self-confidence. (Germany 2008, Turkey 2009)


international training: intercultural aspects in the work with disadvantaged girls. (Germany 2007, Turkey 2008)


international training: girls empowerment (Germany 2006, Turkey 2010)