Our offers


We offer trainings for women and organizations working towards girls-empowerment.

  • Subjects: The exact subject of each of our training are derived from the needs and wishes of our participants and partners. We tailor and conduct our trainings on profound needs assessments and selection procedures.
  • Target groups: Our target groups are women from Europe and the MENA region, who are working in development-, social- and educational work, women empowerment, advocacy and project management. They are having or would like to develop a focus on the empowerment of girls.
  • Trainers: Our trainers come from different countries and have different professional and educational backgrounds. They have a culture-, intersectional- and gender-sensitive approaches and offer a variety of topics and formats. They are experienced to work in international and diverse settings and are continuously improving quality through ongoing evaluation.
  • Formats:Usually we hold our trainings in one of our partner countries. Mostly a training involves women from different countries, since we need each other in order to develop new perspectives, techniques, solidarity and power.


      • We are organizing a variety of events and provide different life- and online spaces for women from North Africa and Europe in order to facilitate networking and exchange between them.
      • This leads to solidarity, professional- and cross-cultural learning. We also help individuals and institutions to connect with a wide range of persons and organizations engaged in the field of girls and women empowerment, cross-cultural, development- and educational work.



  • We are not only supporting individuals and organizations in developing new projects for girls and young women.
  • We are also helping to include and implement new perspectives and higher quality within existing offers and programs for girls.
  • Last but not least we are providing ¬†advice as to the structural implementation of empowerment work with girls through mentoring and direct consultation.