Documentation “together we are strong” EUROPE meets MENA 2015

From October 4th up to 12th 2015 fifty women from seven different countries met in in Frankfurt on the Main aiming to strengthen girls and young women in the MENA-region (Middle East and North Africa) and in Europe in a sustainable way. The Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft (LAG) Mädchenpolitik of Hessen initiated this project with the aim to establish and to implement empowerment work with girls in the involved countries. The project targeted also at contributing to networking and professionalization of women working with girls in the MENA region and in Europe. Regina Rauw as coordinator of the European network on girls empowerment and Krine Stahl as coordinator for the MENA region managed this project together.

During the training, the participants exchanged about the situation of girls in the involved countries, they shared experiences and knowledge, joined workshops on different approaches to empower girls, developed gender-sensitive and intercultural skills, visited proven establishments for girls in Frankfurt and discussed the opportunities of activities at the international day of the female child on October 11th. Through all these activities the participants built a common content base for future projects and networking.

The documentation contains the content of the training, workshops and presentations, it comprises profiles of the involved organisations and participants. It is completed by a manual including exercises on how to work on empowerment with girls (in English, German, Arabic, Latvian Turkish, Polish).

Besides Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mädchenpolitik Hessen, the involved institutions were Cairo Center for Development (Egypt) and the association Sanabel Tounisia, Nabeul from Tunisia as representing the MENA region. The participants from European countries were coming from Austria (girls-club Klagenfurt, girls-club Aranea Innsbruck and the associations for gender-justice Amazone Bregenz), the Andrejs Upits Skriveri secondary school from Latvia, Publica Fides and Fundacja Edukacji i Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Obywatelskiego from Lodz (Poland) and the Izmir Governorship (Turkey).

The project was funded by the EU program Erasmus+, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the municipality of Frankfurt

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Manual girls-empowerment

The manual will propose you an amount of 27 tools that you can use in your empowerment-training with girls. The collection of tools is mainly based on a physical approach. Most of the exercises are body oriented: they create experiences by moving, using voice, touching, scuffling.

The structure of the manual is built by seven steps. When you follow these steps you can pass through a whole process of empowerment: you start with getting known (first step) and warming up (second step). You should give the girls the opportunity to get in contact with themselves and their own feelings (third step) before they learn more about setting boundaries (fourth step). Through the expression of their NO you will open up the space to feel the own power and vividness, the YES to life and to someone self (fifth step). Then you will need some attention to integrate the new experiences so that they get available for the transfer in daily life (sixth step). Don’t forget to evaluate your workshop so that you and the girls have the chance to let go and back your baggage (seventh step).

The manual is available in english, german, polish, latvian, romanian and turkish. All the translation are included in the same CD and can be chosen in the menu of the manual.

The manual is written by Regina Rauw, who is a very experiences gender-trainer with a lot of national (german)  and international experiences in this subject. She is offering education programs to teach women how to work with the manual and how to give empowerment-classes for girls and women (see coordinator).

This manual is published as one of the results of the European network  “It´s our world! Empowerment in the work with girls” in 2012. This network has developed since 2005 through quite a lot of international trainings for women who want to qualify their work with girls and who want to enlarge their horizon by international exchange with other women.

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DOCUMENTATION; Girls Empowerment Work in egypt and Germany

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How to be a Girl in Cairo and Frankfurt am Main“ was the slogan of the professional exchange program for women working in the sector of girls empowerment in the partner cities Cairo and Frankfurt am Main.
The program took place between 2013 and 2014, was financed by the German Ministry of foreign Affairs, and the Frankfurt Councils for Women, Youth and International Aff airs. It was implemented by the Cairo partners Sally Zohney and Heba Hesham (UN Women Cairo) and the project coordinators Marlies Denter (Jugendbildungswerk Stadt Frankfurt a.M.) and Krine Stahl (Interkulturelle Jugendarbeit Saz-Rock e. V).
This documentation aims at informing about the exchange program and its
learning outcomes. It also targets at promoting further networking between women, professionals and activists who are working towards the empowerment of girls globally and locally and who are interested in cross-cultural learning experiences.
The underlying concept and goals of the program will be elaborated in a first short chapter. In the following chapter more information is given on the program, on its methodology and on the Cairo- and Frankfurt schedules. The third chapter consists of the detailed introduction of all 16
involved stuff and organizations / initiatives from Cairo and Frankfurt. The fourth and final chapter comprises personal reports with the learning outcomes of all the participating women. At the end of this documentary you will find addresses and contacts of organizations, initiatives
and individuals involved.