Krine Stahl


works in Arab-German development cooperation. She is designing and managing educational programs with focus on non-formal education, cross-cultural learning and gender.  Strengthening girls and young women is her heart- and professional concern. Additionally she is a university lecturer and teaches project management, best practice modules and quality management. Her favorite themes are: Women and girls` empowerment work in North Africa, mainstreaming gender, diversity and intersectionality in social and development work, enhancing quality in education.

Her educational and scientific background is in Educational Sciences, International Relations and Languages, Arabic, Near- and Middle Eastern Studies, Cross-Cultural and Gender Studies, International Education Management with Focus on Arab-German Relations. She was borne in 1981 in Germany and lives in Cairo.

Regina Rauw


 has a professional background as educational scientist and body-oriented therapist. Since more than 25 years she is active in empowering girls and women on local, national and international level (especially European countries). She offers empowerment classes for girls and women where she makes use of body-oriented approach as well as gender- and intercultural skills. She works on the quality of gender-related education by training multipliers, building up networks and being in touch with decision takers and stakeholders. She is an expert in project-management and coordination.

She is born in 1968 and grew up in Germany (Bad Honnef), where she studied and worked for several institutions in the field of (youth and adult) education. Nowadays she lives in the Netherlands where she  works for her own company, running her own training center for training and therapy as well as coordinating international projects.
She is member of Eubikus: european association for education, social and cultural affairs.