All over the
World Women

are in action to support girls: in youth-

and development work,  through education,

social work, politics and advocacy, in families,

at school, in communities- so are we:

We are women who contribute to the empower-
ment of girls. We offer spaces, experiences,
advice and consultation for girls to feel
more self-confident, to find their own way of
life, to prevent (sexual) violence, to attain knowledge
and to express their desires.

But not only girls

themselves, especially those
women who are engaged for girls
need support. Solidarity, know-how,
practical tools, theoretical input,
networking and exchange are
important to develop, improve and
implement high quality empowerment
programs and offers for girls.

We seek to encourage and qualify
women for the empowerment-work

with girls by sharing our experiences and knowledge as
well as by giving moral support to overcome patriarchal
traditions and discrimination. That’s why we offer trainings
and networking-spaces for women on an international level,
with a special focus on Europe and North-Africa.

We believe in the power of …

… equal rights because we all deserve perfect appreciation.
… diversity because we can learn so much from each other.
… women to make the world more peaceful and human.
… solidarity because together we are strong.




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new project
new project
A new project proposal has been handed in to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mädchenpolitik e.V., which is the German federal association for girls policies. The project is designed for 1,5 years and focuses and the establishment of girls empowerment work in North Africa and on the intercultural opening of girls empowerment work in Germany through mentoring, training and travelling!